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Reaching out.

Inviato: 26 mar 2020, 9:56
da hampden
Forum members,
I just wanted to take time to wish you and your country well.
Here in the UK we can only now start to understand the strain of isolating and the worry of simply living; we do not yet have the fearful threat of morality close to home.
Keep strong,

Re: Reaching out.

Inviato: 26 mar 2020, 12:08
da Trash
Hi Alan,
thank you very much, and best wishes to you too!

Re: Reaching out.

Inviato: 26 mar 2020, 14:10
da DaniLao
Hi Alan, thanks for the good wishes which I reciprocate.
The situation is sad and forced imprisonment at home (I am one of the "lucky ones" who still works ...) consumes the nerves.
In spite of all this we will survive because, as we say in these lands: gli stronzi restano a galla......


Re: Reaching out.

Inviato: 27 mar 2020, 8:02
da zvezda
Hi Alan, so great to hear from you! Yes, such scary times these days.
The virus is hitting very hard, we're struggling to limit the damage but we'll have to work more than a bit to recover from the aftermath of the pandemic.
But even this cloud shows some silver lining. The way people react to the virus is amazing. Politicians not so much, but some people became a true source of inspiration for all of us. And we'll never thank them enough for what they're doing :love:
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Best wishes to you and your beloved ones, Alan. Stay home, stay healthy! 🌈